The Quantum Effected Bible?

The Mandela, or Quantum, Effect has been circulating the internet for a few years now, I only heard about it a few months ago, and although I am highly skeptical of its' validity, it is very intriguing. Basically, the Mandela Effect is a rather large group of people who remember things in history differently than … Continue reading The Quantum Effected Bible?

Mandela and Me, The Reality of Changing Realities.

Life, one big conspiracy after another. Everything we know about it has come from the teachings of those that have walked before us, the discoveries made by those that seek the knowledge, and the lies spewed by those who hold (or desire to hold) power and control masses. Besides the few that have the resources, expertise, … Continue reading Mandela and Me, The Reality of Changing Realities.

How to Legally Get Medicinal Cannabis In All 50 States

Endo-Cannabinoid System

Amazing, no matter where you live in the United States, you can legally get medicinal cannabis mailed to your home. No Joke, No Gimmicks. Check this out, There is plenty of patients that are living proof of the medicinal benefits of cannabis. We have cannabinoid receptors in  our body, our body  produces cannabinoids. When … Continue reading How to Legally Get Medicinal Cannabis In All 50 States

Send the “Wrong” Message to Children

Spirit Wave Journal

Prompted by “Pediatricians Demand DEA Reclassify Cannabis”:

“The American Academy of Pediatrics believes the time has come for the federal government to reclassify marijuana in order to facilitate research.”

“Although the health society is adamant that it does not support the concept of medical marijuana as 23 states and the District of Columbia have come to understand it…”

Stop the quote train. Does not support the dominating medical marijuana concept? So how exactly did this health society come to make this reclassification demand? Not to be overly harsh about it, but that statement is equal to this health society throwing the very cannabis community — that put themselves at serious risk of prosecution to bring awareness of pediatric cannabis solutions — under the bus. For the sake of the children (and the rest of us), stop compromising principles to seem socially acceptable, because such a sadly common (and popularly…

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Not fiction: Corrected Nomenclature for Cannabis

Pot Fiction

I doubt this will catch on, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

The explanation:

McPartland was the first researcher to look at the genetic markers on the three subspecies of cannabis using the plant’s genome to conclusively identify where it originated. He also proved conclusively that they are all the same species, just different subspecies. As it turns out, C. sativa should have been identified as C. indica, because it originated in India (hence indica). C. indica should have been identified as C. afghanica, because it actually originated in Afghanistan. Finally, it seems that C. ruderalis is actually what people mean when they refer to C. sativa.

Corrected Vernacular for Cannabis

What amazes me on a consistent basis is repeating mistakes of the past. A simple category error forty years old gave birth to a pseudo scientific patois.

My prediction is that this won’t catch on until the market is brought above board and…

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